YouTube in the classroom, a critical approach

According to a lecturer of mine, Peter Grundy, we have lost the classroom due to the influence of mobile phones and internet sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, etc. I say if this is the case then why limit teaching to the classroom. The idea for the project the 5B and I have been carrying out came from a seminar I attended at the University of Vienna, called YouTube-WeThink. The idea was simple: how can YouTube and other popular websites be used to educate the students of today.

At the beginning of the year, I took on the 5B and as they are an IPP class it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to put the theory into practice. In the introductory period we discussed how the web is currently used by most of the pupils and then how it could be used. We discussed, amongst other things, the dangers of the internet, the variety of a multi-modal approach to education, how it could affect one’s identity over a longer period, the fact that YouTube is a business designed to make a profit and thus how this affects the consumers, and the fact that anything that is posted is there forever.

The next thing we did was to create Vlogs (basically video diary entries) in which the students talked about themselves and about school, being careful not to give away any personal information, and then we moved on to tutorials in which the students produced videos designed to teach other people about aspects of English. They then uploaded the videos onto YouTube and linked them to (a blogging website). The security settings on are set to private, thus only the 5B students can access the site, and it was left up to the students to decide which security setting they chose for their videos on YouTube.

The range of ideas that have been produced by the students is too great for this article but suffice to say that it I am constantly surprised by what they are capable of doing. We all now how much time the students spend on the net but we are behind the times with regard to educating them about how to deal with the net safely and maturely. As a result of this project I believe these students really consider what they do before they do it with regard to posting comments, uploading videos and they think about where the videos and information comes from. In short they have become critical of the web and that can only be a good thing.

What do the students think about the project?

My opinion about the You Tube project:

At the beginn it was hard to understand the technical words because I can not understand the words in german too so english is more difficult.
I think it is good that we work with You Tube and the internet because every thing will be controled by electronic in the Future but firstly we had learned it in german.
It was very funny because we had to do it by ourself and not to sit in the class and listen to the boring teacher.
Thank you for the You Tube project!!!

Melanie Pusch

What I think about our YouTube project is that I enjoyed it every single minute. It helps me in a way to handle a computer, on the other hand it´s so much fun, I can´t tell you. When we started the project, it was quite hard for me, because I had no hunch how to log on to After that obstacle everything was perfect.  It´s something new for me.  We never did new things, we learned only form our book. Every week we did the same thing for the last four years. I´m learning so much from the YouTube project, especially to talk and learn new phrases, find my mistakes in the homework, upload funny videos, what I shouldn`t do in the internet and so on.

Daniela Gründel

My opinion about the YouTube-project:
I believe one can say that everyone of us learned something due to this project.
Personally I think that it was a very good idea because we were, and are still able to watch the videos and hear the mistakes we have done during them. The fact is that we can improve our speech. I am convinced that the main point is that we can remember our mistakes more easily if we find or hear them on our own.

Sometimes I have needed more than two hours for one video, however the time was quite useful. I have learned to speak slower and to articulate better.
I must admit that it is more fun to sit for two hours and try not to laugh or to fluff during a video than sit at home and do some grammar exercises. It was nice to try something different .
To sum up I really enjoyed this project.

Emily Krestofics-Binder

In my opinion the project was very interesting, because I have never done this before and Ihave learned a lot! On the one hand it was very helpful for our class community and on the other hand it was a little boring, because we talked often about the same things. All together it was a good idea and a new experience. Thank you.

Julia Pistauer


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